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        Hi! I'm Amy, and I started making Vermento jewelry as a way to capture a spirit of time and place here in Vermont and turn it into a keepsake to cherish. 

        Every moment here is unique and precious. From the fast-moving cloud shadows on the verdant summer mountains to the tiniest bud forming on an icy branch, the simple splendors of Vermont's natural environment never cease to inspire awe.

        A lifelong collector and gatherer, I am constantly noticing small, seasonal treasures throughout my wanderings. I use my attention to detail and metalworking skills to turn these natural items into wearable mementos that celebrate our Green Mountain State experiences.

        You can find your keepsake here or work with me to create something just for you. 


        I value the special environment we have here in Vermont, and also the health of our planet. As a jewelry maker, I know that my decisions have impacts that extend beyond my studio. I use the most environmentally-friendly materials I can find, such as recycled metals and biodegradable packaging. Likewise my caster uses SCS-certified recycled silver and gold.

        A portion of Vermento profits are donated to the the Vermont Land Trust. Their mission is to permanently conserve farms and forests. Since 1977 VLT has conserved over 590,000 acres in Vermont—about 11% of the state. This land will forever remain in its current use and will allow future generations to continue to have access to local food, clean water, outdoor recreation and the natural beauty that we all love.